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Quantity & Prices

We aren't able to provide meat to new customers at this time.   Please email us your contact information or fill out an order form below and send it to us without a deposit and we will get back to you when we have a larger supply of meat.  Thank you for understanding.  LFF

Whole Beef

$3.00/lb (720-800 lbs) Average Price $2,290*

Half Beef

$3.00/lb (360-400 lbs) Average Price $1,145*

Split Half

$3.00/lb (180-200 lbs) Average Price $573*

*In addition to the $3.00 to Long Family Farm, a 67 cent/lb charge is payable to Del Fox for cutting and wrapping.

Order Form (click here to open .pdf)

How to Begin

The process will begin when we receive your completed form and $50 deposit.


We use Del Fox Meats in Stanwood, a small family-owned packer, to process meat.  Del Fox is State inspected and hand-processes all cutting and packing.


A variety of processing options are available through Del Fox Meats such as converting portions of your beef to sausages, jerky and pepperoni.  You may also choose the thickness of your cut as well as quantities of fat and bone.  Del Fox will contact you regarding individual processing preferences, or ask us for help.


Your beef is to be picked up at Del Fox Meats (7229 300th Street Northwest; Stanwood, WA 98292). If you live on Whidbey Island you have the added option of picking up your beef at Long Family Farm on Whidbey Island (3468 Ewing Road; Clinton, WA 98236).


Payment is due in full when you pick up your order. Because each animal is a unique weight, we will not know your exact price until butchering. Live weight is approximated from hanging weight.


Once you put a down payment on the animal we will contact you with a delivery date.  We may have to wait for the cattle to grow.


The beef is frozen and packaged and labeled according to cut.


Meat in vacuum-packed parcels will last at least two years in a freezer.  40 pounds of beef will fit in a typical refrigerator freezer with some room to spare.


A beef cow yields 7 different cuts of meat, in addition to variety meats described in more detail below.  You can expect a sampling of these cuts with each whole, half and split-half order beef (this sampling does not include #9 “other cuts” below).

1. Chuck –Chuck eye roast, boneless top blade steak, arm pot roast, cross rib roast, mock tender, blade and pot roasts, short ribs, flank-style ribs

2. Rib – Rib roast, rib eye steak, rib eye roast, back ribs

3. Short Loin –Boneless top loin, tenderloin (roast or steak), New York, T-bone

4. Sirloin – Sirloin steak. flat bone, top sirloin, sirloin steak round

5. Round – Top & bottom round (roasts or steaks), tip roast, eye of round, tip steak

6. Brisket  & Fore Shank – Corned brisket point half, brisket flat half, shank cross cut

7. Short Plate & Flank – Flank steak, skirt steak (fajita meat)

8. Variety Meats – Liver, Heart, Kidney, Tongue

9. Other Cuts – Ground Beef, Cube Steak, Stew Meat

How to Begin

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