Our Beef



We ensure the highest quality beef.  Our cows eat only the best grasses and live a comfortable, stress-free life from start to finish.  Once cut, the beef is dry aged 10-14 days, a process that enhances flavor and tenderness. See Our Family for favorite recipes.


Our cows are free of any antibiotics or hormones. Grass-fed cows produce leaner beef with high omega 3 fatty acids and increased vitamins and minerals. Chemical-free, grass-fed, free-range beef is an important and essential part of any nutritious diet.  Some benefits to people include strengthening the heart, preventing cancer and promoting healthy weight. See www.eatwild.com.


The herd is a Black Angus variety originating from Scotland.  Our cows have been breed and raised by our family on our farm for almost one hundred years.


We have been farming for 5 generations and have raised our herd for long-term sustainability. This means never breeding more animals than the land can support. We grow supplemental feed crops on the farm.  Forest and wetlands cover over 40% of our property to help protect water quality and wildlife.

“Forest and wetlands cover over 40% of our property to help protect water quality and wildlife.”

- Leland Long


The herd grazes freely and feeds year-round on a diversity of grasses growing in the Maxwelton Valley. Your purchase keeps 200 acres of Whidbey Island farmland in production, and supports a longtime family-run business.  See Our Family for more detail on the Long Family and Farm Operations.

Thank you for your support!